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Snow, in May...?


Well, it’s June now. But I took these photos earlier in the month. May has been quite something, weather-wise. I had to wear my full winter gear for riding the bike a number of times, and there were hail storms, and an entire weekend of snow. Then two weeks of near-solid rain. Summer is around the corner, of course, but goodness, it’s been a washout.


There have been gaps in clouds, with some nice sunlight that convinces you it’s warm, but then you get into the shade and it’s damn chilly. It’s relatively difficult to dress for, so one needs layers. Problem with this is, if it’s too hot for too long, you’re just carrying half your wardrobe around with you.


That’s my new work phone mounted on my trusty steed, the triple speed. It’s the Huawei P30 Pro. I am very familiar with Android and pride myself as a full-on nerd, so I’m getting everything I can out of the device. I’ll review it soon. As a work phone, the dual-SIM is splendid, as I then only need to carry one device and have access to both numbers. Battery is great, and the camera is great, too. It’s bloody huge, though. I do miss my old iPhone SE (I miss my old Japanese phones more, mind you), and there’s some nice things about iOS that I “miss” but then curiously a few more things I don’t miss and prefer on Android. Full review to follow, this paragraph is too long now.


The top photo in this post is actually taken with my trusty A7R. I mounted the 90mm Tamron Macro lens and took this landscape shot from the balcony. Obviously handheld, I don’t mess around with tripods unless I really need to. Ironically the A73 with its image stabilisation would be the “better” camera to take a sharper picture, but only if you’re struggling with stability. The 36MP of the A7R are superb for landscape, and I do wonder if I should have plumped for the A7R3 rather than A7R. Megapixels aren’t everything, but at the same time, they are everything. Nothing beens high resolution images, they’re just impressive. Having said that, at almost all viewable resolutions, 24 MP is plenty and it’s a case once again, of spoiling myself. It’s why I can’t buy an Audi A4.


So, I’m going to be taking the A7R, A73 and my phone around with me a lot more over the summer. RX1… not sure what I will do with that yet. Tough life!

You can’t beat the discreet nature of a camera phone—no one suspects you’re going to take a picture worth more than Whatsapp or Instagram. Instagram, where people (me too, btw) double tap a photo if it’s a subconscious “yes”. Hopefully you’re taking a little longer than on IG to take in the photos here.

So… which photos in this post were taken with the phone? Hint: there are two…