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A7(R) vs RX1

Since the A7(R) cameras were announced, I've often wondered where they sit in relation to the RX1. Are they simply better & more versatile? Does the RX1 offer something the A7(R) cannot provide? I've been asked this question a few times, and following on from my [RX1 review][0], I'd like to expand my thoughts on the matter, now that I've had some time with the A7R.

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RX1 Review

I've been using the Sony RX1 for well over 6 months now; long enough for it to have taken a back seat in my photographic process. I've set the camera up to behave exactly how I want, and never have to fiddle with dials or modes to get the shot. With that in mind, I thought I'd put together a little review of this tiny marvel.

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