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Long summer evenings

Long Summer Evenings | NEX-7 & Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 | 1/80s ISO100 F4

I fancied a change today. I blew the dust off my NEX-7 and took the excellent Cosina Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 out for a spin. A change of focal length & camera is like changing your route to work; unfamiliar and rewarding.

Discovering new things because you're looking at the world differently, is what makes long summer evenings especially long when we're children. The life of an adult is full of responsibilities, such as going to work to pay the bills. Something as simple as changing the route to work every now and then, can make the entire experience more memorable. I've actually arrived in the office with no real recollection of my commute. It's automated by my subconscious to such a level that my conscious self only interjects when necessary. Living a conscious life is one thing (apparently) separating us from other animals, and zombies

Anyway, I took my "old"  camera out today, and wanted to get a few shots around Tokyo. I took quite a few, so I'll post my favourites over the next few days. Going back to my old camera was like putting on a pair of old shoes. After 5 minutes, I was back in the saddle, using the tri-navi controls to my advantage. 

Summer evenings in Japan never feel long, but this one did.