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Old Stomping Grounds

It comes as no surprise really, but even after almost 4 years in Tokyo, there are huge swathes we left uncovered. It really was very interesting to be walking around Tokyo a year after leaving, through unknown streets with a familiar feel, to only stumble upon somewhere you did indeed remember. A certain tree, a shop, a vending machine, a footbridge... it could be anything. It was a nice feeling.

The A7R has significant shutter lag; so it's not easy to time someone's g̶a̶t̶e̶ gait as I have done above. When shooting stationary objects, the shutter lag is insignificant (though still annoying, tbh). One thing I loved about my NEX-7 was that it had a lightning-fast shutter actuation. It was also pretty quiet. The A7R sure gets me noticed! An electronic first curtain shutter would be a welcome addition indeed. Question is - is the A7RII worth it, or would a second hand A7 suit me just as well, if not better? (smaller files, small body).