Take me To Taketomi

1/500s f/1.8 ISO160 80mm 

Sometimes a place sticks in your mind so much, that you have to go back. Sometimes, a place is so relaxing, that you need to return. For us, this place was the island of Taketomi in Okinawa prefecture.

1/500s f/1.8 ISO160 80mm 

In terms of the island and area itself, I have very little to add since our previous visit. Our entire stay was centred around relaxation, and we just spent our time cycling around, taking photos here and there, or reading on the beach.

Most of the photos I'll show today, were taken with a polarising filter (C-PL) on each respective lens. Polarising filters really make foliage and sky colours "pop" with contrast and increased saturation.

1/400s f/1.5 ISO2000 50mm 

1/1600s f/2.8 ISO100 90mm 

1/1250s f/2.8 ISO100 90mm 

1/320s f/2.8 ISO100 90mm 

1/3200s ISO100 80mm 

1/1600s ISO100 80mm 

1/1250s ISO100 80mm 

Can you see anything in the rocks?

1/60s f/5.6 ISO320 20mm

There are hundreds of water buffalo on the island, which pull carts of tourists around the streets of the island. I generally prefer seeing them without the carts; it's hot enough already!

1/400s f/3.5 ISO1250 55mm 

When we were down at the beach, we were treated to a scene I did not expect, and is one of my favourite shots from my time on this tiny island.

1/1000s f/1.8 ISO100 55mm