Shinjuku Moon-rise

Moon in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Moonrise │ NEX-7 & Voigtländer Nokton Classic F1.4 │ 35mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/60, RAW

It seems I'm a bit of a lunatic, this month ;)

Took this shot on Saturday at 5:30pm in Shinjuku, central Tokyo. I'd spent the day walking around the familiar back streets and was feeling quite uninspired, and cold. I felt I'd wasted the afternoon until the sun dropped at around five, and we were greeted with a majestic moon-rise over the city.

I quickly whipped out the camera, and took a few underexposed shots of the moon, knowing I could pull some details out of the NEX-7 raw if I shot with a low enough ISO. Sure enough, There's enough dynamic range here to make out the cars on the road, and people in the bottom left.