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Power | NEX-7 & SEL18200LE | 124mm, f/6.3, ISO 100, 1/200, RAW The setting sun behind this natural gas storage facility reminds me that we're so dependent on fossil fuels. Solar cells and wind turbines are only any good when it's sunny or windy, respectively. After reading that an underground reservoir tank the much troubled nuclear power plant in fukushima sprung a leak, the photograph I took last night has new meaning.

Japan leads the world in technological progression, with many companies specialising in solar tech itself. A friend of mine is hassled by solar-tech salesmen on an almost weekly basis.  An entire town here in Japan has "gone solar" since the nuclear disaster. But what to do? People are scared of nuclear power, yet the same people don't want to compromise on their lifestyles. If the fusion mystery truly is solved, it would change the world. Before that, though, they'll have the ominous job of explaining to joe-public why this is a safe nuclear, and the ones before it are dangerous. Simply renaming it "Sun-in-a-box" might be easier.

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