Last One

Last One

Last One | NEX-7 & SEL24F18Z | 24mm, 1/125s, f/3.5, ISO100

Last week, I posted a photograph showing some lilies pointing towards the thin slither of light dissecting our curtains. Clearly searching for the light, I've tried to oblige. Within a couple of days, they'd reached this state:


and now, they've been pruned, with the 'Last One' now in full bloom. They're a stunning white. Their smell fills the entire apartment, which is really a very welcome greeting after a long day in a stagnant office.


The above shot is a 100% crop showing the NEX-7 & Zeiss combo is really quite a combination. Such a powerful combination in fact, that it's stayed in this state almost entirely throughout our recent trip to Hiroshima, which I will expand upon soon.

I'm beginning to wonder whether I buy flowers for my girlfriend... or for myself!