Tokyo Skytree | NEX-7 & Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 Macro | 1/500s ISO100 f/8 90mm

Tokyo Sky Tree towers above Tokyo at a height of 634m, broadcasting HD television (amongst its other uses). Its height of 634m was no accident; it stands in the old province of Musashi and the numbers 6 (mu) 3 (sa) 4 (shi) spell out mu-sa-shi.

Using numbers to spell out words in this manner is called Goroawase in Japanese, and is extremely popular. In another example, the number 23 can be read as "ni san", and the car manufacturer Nissan frequently enter cars numbered '23' into motorsport events.

Rooftop garden

As you can see from the first photo, space is at such a premium in Tokyo that the most likely place to find a garden, is on a rooftop! 

Here's a direct link to a 100% JPEG of the first photo, which was taken at a distance of 6.1km from Tokyo Sky Tree