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NEX-7 & Sigma 19mm DX | 1/80s f/11.0 ISO100 19mm

In contrast to yesterday's post, the area of Aoyama (Blue Maountain) in central Tokyo is about as upmarket as one can get before the famous Ginza district.

We don't really do any shopping here, but it's an interesting place to visit, and I do enjoy seeing (and hearing) Ferraris and Lamborghinis driving around.

The above building is quite striking - any ideas which building it is? I also have the shot in colour - which do you prefer?

NEX-7 & Sigma 19mm F2.8 DX | 1/400s f/5.0 ISO100 19mm

The sky was the typical pastel blue which characterises the Japanese winter. Oh how I will miss this some day. The UK this time of year is much wetter, and often cloudier. Though temperatures here are similar (~5ºC), it's possible to warm up a little by standing in the sunlight. However, once the sun goes down, you'd better have a hat!

There's not much else going on (festivities-wise) this time of year, but adverts for Valentine's Day have already appeared to keep the mind of the consumer focussed on something. Valentine's Day is an odd one in Japan - I've covered it previously

NEX- 7 & Sigma 19mm F2.8 DX | 1/320s f/5.0 ISO100 19mm | 

The areas pavements/sidewalks are mostly brickweave, with yellow bobbled paths leading the way for those with poor vision. 

I really enjoy the long shadows we're granted all-day-round during the winter. It's become one of my favourite seasons for photography, even if it means bracing the biting cold.

All pictures taken with NEX-7 and Sigma 19mm F2.8 DX