"Sakura 2014" has started!

It's officially the time of year when people in Japan take photos of cherry blossoms, remove their jackets, have some beer or plum wine, and lets their collective hair down under a sky of white and pink.

I popped outside after a quick lunch in the office, wanting to snap a couple of pictures whilst the sun was out. These blossoms only stick around for 2 weeks maximum - they're almost a yearly special edition. I've always loved special editions. Maybe it's because they're rare and sought after, or maybe it's because I like to have something different, and try to learn about everything in which I'm interested to a rather high level.

Either way, they're not around for long. If flowers aren't your thing, then my posts over the next two weeks had better be avoided. I'll definitely be posting more pretty flower pictures.

Expect lots of bokeh, too. 

Being able to read Chinese characters isn't always a blessing (these are sponsored lanterns)

Stay tuned...