Afternoon (de)Light

Today was another splendid day in Tokyo. It's on days like this that I really wish I was working outside, or rather, was just outside (sans the work). I made an effort to take my camera out with me when going to buy lunch, as tomorrow's forecast is not favourable.

Today, however, was gorgeous. Strong, bright sun all-day long. The sky was a brilliant blue, and it was a pleasure to just walk around campus. Having said that, there's lots of construction work going on at the moment.

No, the above image is not what I meant by "construction".

Nice shoe

The RX1's leaf shutter makes it a piece of cake to take street-shots without alerting subjects

After lunch, I remained indoors until long after sunset, and headed to Akihabara as usual. We usually meet at Yodobashi Camera, and shelter from the cold for a while before getting a bite to eat, and the train home. I plan on doing a post about that store at a later date, so stay tuned.

As always, thanks for dropping by!