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Fresh as a daisy

1/2000s f/1.4 ISO100 35mm

Things have returned to "normal" here in Tokyo now that the cherry blossom blossoms have blossomed. Random little parks and patches of greenery are no longer super-crowded, which is always nice. Unfortunately, more flowers are springing up, so if you don't like flowers, see you next time!

As always, I recommend that visitors to Tokyo (or anywhere, for that matter), go off the beaten track. Of course, all tracks in Tokyo are well-beaten, but you get the idea. It's always interesting to see how other people live, even just a few hundred metres from your home.

1/1250s f/1.4 ISO100 35mm

From above, most cities will appear to be an almost homogeneous array of buildings. Down at street level, a city's true heterogeneity is revealed. No two buildings are the same, even if the original blueprints were just that. Humans like to put their little marks on their territory, and make themselves at home.

Does this little guy even have a home?

I saved the little caterpillar above from an untimely demise beneath the sole of an oba-chan'scroc. That's no way to go. I tried to explain what I was doing, but I forgot the word for caterpillar in Japanese, and simply said that I was saving something that "was going to turn into a butterfly soon". I didn't specify how soon, so she let me crack on just in case I was in a hurry.

 I wonder what (s)he's up to now?

...the caterpillar, not oba-chan!