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With a Whisky #2

Written whilst enjoying a single malt, "With a Whisky" brings you the latest ramblings from my side of the world. I can't promise prominent prose, or impressive imagery, but I'll do my best to keep you entertained.

RX1 | 1/250s f/2.5 ISO100 35mm

RX1 | 1/250s f/2.5 ISO100 35mm

Well, what's been happening lately? Scotland voted to remain part of the UK—I'm pleased as it means I'll still be able to get good whisky. Then there's Photokina in Cologne; an imaging fair like no other. New cameras and lenses were announced, with some particularly interesting additions from Sony (in particular a macro and 35mm f/1.4 optic). I already have a macro and 35/1.4 lens, but no two lenses are the same (even if they're the same lens), and so gear lust prevails.

RX1 | 1/400s f/2.5 ISO100 35mm

The last few days have been really rather warm indeed—some refer to this as an Indian Summer. I'm not so sure, but 23ºC at the end of September isn't very common. Tokyo is still "beating" [my part of] the UK—28ºC today, which is basically full-on British summer kind of temperature.

RX1 | 1/400s f/2.5 ISO100 35mm

Oh yes, I've bought myself a car (photo below), but more on that another time. I'll take a series of photos and write something of a "review" I guess. I also bought a new games console, owing to incrementing decrepitude, but it was dead on arrival. As I work all week, I've not had time to get it exchanged (shops close at 5pm), so I had to do it on Saturday. Things move a lot more slowly here than in Tokyo...

RX1 | 1/80s f/2.0 ISO8000 35mm

I decided to use my quite and inconspicuous RX1 for the last few days; it's refreshing to not have to consider lens choices sometimes, and just make some images. Having said that, as I don't own a zoom lens for my A7R, its usage isn't so different.

RX1 | 1/80s f/8.0 ISO160 35mm

The RX1 really is quite amazing. I stand by my earlier praise of the camera, and believe that most people would not need another camera, with this in their arsenal. It's a bold claim—most people want a zoom lens and fast autofocus, and they're probably right in wanting those things. I don't need them, and thus the RX1 is almost perfect for me. OK, so I love it, but what don't I like? I don't like its slow autofocus, nor its lack of a tiltable rear LCD. I also wish I didn't keep losing the shutter button (a little screw-in one), as taking photos feels much nicer with one in place. The tripod mount should be better. I'm split on whether it should have more of a grip or not... I quite like its smooth and symmetric design.

It's the kind of camera you want to have in your bag/car/aeroplane seat for those moments just in case. I really feel as though the RX1 does best when used in those moment you thought for one second "I won't bother taking a camera today". You line up the shot, take it, and are then very pleased you brought along your RX1.

RX1 | 1/80s f/8.0 ISO125 35mm


see you next time! :)