Blue Skies

No junk mail  | A7R & C/Y Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28/2,8 

I am just about "done" with winter. I appreciate my car's heated seat, warm clothes, and hot cups of coffee, but I am one of those people who prefers the warmer months. We've been unlucky with weather over the last few weeks. Though it's been relatively dry, there has been a lot of cloud. I find overcast skies of water-laden clouds can get depressing after a while, and really did hope that the sun would pop out later in the day, as forecast.

A7R & C/Y Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28/2,8

It was nice to do the kind of thing we would do weekend after weekend in Tokyo; just catch a train to nowhere in particular, and walk back to a convenient station, perhaps having a bite to eat on the return leg. We headed to Hampstead, and were just leaving, on our way to Covent Garden, when the skies began to clear.

London | A7R & C/Y Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28/2,8

I decided to take my A7R and make more of a day of it. I find that the RX1 is great if you want to have a camera with you that can outperform almost anything, but if you want to feel like photography is a focus, take the body & multiple lens combo.

Odd bins  | A7R & C/Y Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28/2,8 | 

I'm enjoying the 28mm focal length. It's too early to say if I prefer it over 24mm, though I wager that the fact that it's a Zeiss lens goes a long way, especially on the A7R. The grain in the bricks in the above shot are clearly visible at 100%, for example.

Whether I enjoy it more over 35mm is a whole other question. Here and now, I am going to say that I prefer the 35mm lens field of view, in general. I am, however, finding that I am using 50mm more and more. This is due in part to the usage of new lenses, but also simply because I'm enjoying it. I'm seeing more of the world with 50mm framing.

Lip ring | A7R & 50mm mystery lens

Shortly after taking the above photo, I noticed the familiar Japanese word "ramen" written on the front of the building, and we needed no more convincing than that. Hungry and happy to see such familiar looking food, we headed on in. Of course, the staff were a mix of Indian and Chinese (separately, I mean), and were generally awful. Luckily, the food was great. We'll return, based solely on the food.

The sun really did come out | A7R & 50mm mystery lens

There were a few photos that didn't make the cut. There's nothing really wrong with them, and I might save them for a different post. I took 15 shots all day. That's only half a roll of film! My 64GB memory card can take over 5000 RAW files, and the 15 photos totaled around 540MB. That is a lot of space for just 15 photos, so no wonder I shoot like I'm using film...

This post was written, and photos edited, on a Surface Pro 3