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Barcelona by day

I haven't been to Spain in years. Like over 20 years. So long ago I don't even remember it really—there's just photographic evidence that I was there when I was very small, thanks to mum.

It's not really the time of year for a holiday in Barcelona, unless you're coming for the shopping. I've not been here before, and wouldn't actually like to be here in 30ºC heat. Right now it's cold, fresh, and generally nice to walk around. 13-17ºC, like the British summer.


It's been overcast for most of the week, and generally, such diffuse light doesn’t inspire.

I don’t tend to do a lot of “street photography” but occasionally will when the mood suits, or if I see something particularly interesting.

I took two lenses with me - the 55mm Sony and the 21mm Voigtlander. Idea being that there should be enough coverage between the two... but as usual 35mm alone would have sufficed.

What are your favourite images?