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A Different Point of View

Narrowing | RX100 | 1/30s f/10.0 ISO100 10.4mm (35mm eq:28mm) 

After taking my phone out with me last weekend, I thought I'd go a little larger and use the RX100 this weekend. I wanted to see how I would get on with just a compact camera. I set the ring to control the zoom, which gives a nice indication of the 35mm equivalent focal length (28mm in the case of the above photo). 28mm is a popular focal length, but not one I've explored in much detail—It's a similar field-of-view to 19mm on APS-C (of which I have the excellent sigma 19mm lens, but I've not used it much at all).

Yellow | RX100 | 1/13s f/10.0 ISO100 10.4mm (35mm eq:28mm) 

There was not a lot of light available (mostly my fault for playing computer games all day until venturing outside), but I knew the optical image stabilisation could save me here, and so stuck with ISO 100 (manually fixed), and f/10 (manually fixed). I let the camera choose shutter speed, and was pleased with the result.

Closer | RX100 | 1/15s f/10.0 ISO100 23.82mm (35mm eq:64mm) 

And this is where the RX100 stands alone when compared to my other cameras—it can zoom; strangely, I only have primes!. I stayed on the same side of the road, but had already walked further along before remembering that the camera has a zoom lens. I fired it back up, and snapped the above photo.

1910 | RX100 | 1/40s f/10.0 ISO100 16.01mm (35mm eq:43mm) 

1910 | RX100 | 1/40s f/10.0 ISO100 16.01mm (35mm eq:43mm) 

The Broadway | RX100 | 1/1600s f/3.2 ISO100 10.4mm (35mm eq:28mm) 

The light quickly faded—daylight saving reaches UK shores in the near-future. It's something I'd forgotten about after my time in Japan, but with today's technology, the only thing I'll need to change manually will be my wristwatch.

Afternoon sky | RX100 | 1/320s f/10.0 ISO100 20.85mm (35mm eq:56mm) 

After a week of almost solid-rain (I thought that a boat would have been more useful than a car, at times), the weather seems to have improved a little.  Hopefully that means lots of long shadows, and colourful leaves in the next few days...