A few mobile snaps

Raining | Lumia 1520 | 1/10s f/2.4 ISO400 

I've been taking photos with mobile phones since my first camera phone, which predated the iPhone-era by quite some time. Most of those photos are long gone, and that's probably a good thing. The first camera phones had VGA quality cameras, which is 0.3 megapixels in real money. Only teenagers and those with 20-20 vision, and a willing suspension of disbelief, could make out the tiny photos displayed on those tiny screens. We're in a different world now; 8MP is considered lacklustre, with the big-boys putting out phones showcasing 20MP and higher. 

Hand Rail | Lumia 1520 | 1/6s f/2.4 ISO100 

What this means is that we are basically limited by our vision and creativity. The cameras on most phones sold today are good enough to capture high levels of detail, and have features such as optical-image-stabilisation (OIS).

After the rain | Lumia 1520 | 0.3s f/2.4 ISO100

I've recently taken delivery of a Nokia 1520—the last Nokia-branded Nokia phone to be sold before Nokia itself was sold to Microsoft. Who knows what the future may hold for the Nokia brand, or Microsoft'S Windows Phone (though it's safe to bet that they're aiming for amalgamation with the Surface/Windows line proper). I plan on reviewing the phone at a later date; once I've had it for long enough to make an informed opinion of the device. Until then, I'll probably continue to post a few photos taken with the phone, as it's with me most of the time—arguably what underpins the massive success of present-day mobile photography.

This morning | Lumia 1520 | 1/80s f/2.4 ISO100