With a Whisky #7

Written whilst enjoying a single malt (Laphroaig, this time), "With a Whisky" brings you the latest ramblings from my side of the world. I can't promise prominent prose, or impressive imagery, but I'll do my best to keep you entertained.

It's definitely a typical British summer. The highest temperature today was a whopping 17ºC in Cambridge—just 10 days ago it was 20ºC higher! More than double! It's raining and cold, and generally doesn't feel like summer. It makes it harder to plan what to wear on a daily basis, I can tell you.

In Japan, I never really had this problem. In Japan the weather tends to simply get warmer, until boiling, sweltering heat consumes you, and then gets colder until it snows. High of 34ºC in Tokyo today—and it will continue to rise until August. Photo above was taken a few weeks ago, on a hot (~28ºC) day in central Tokyo.

It's a very British thing, to talk about the weather. I suppose it's because it's polite conversation that one can have with a complete stranger, and each day is different to the last.

Changing tack, I have still got a fair few photos taken over the last few weeks to show on the blog. I hope that they're interesting/entertaining, as it would be easy to dump them into a folder and be done with it, but I feel like drip-feeding them to the blog over the next couple of weeks. I have little time to take photos at the moment, and so gear is at the very bottom of my list of priorities. Having said that, I do now have a couple of things for sale. If you know anyone interested in these lenses, please do let me know!

The above photo quintessentially summarises Tokyo life for me. There is so much going on, in so many levels, that it is simply impossible to take it all in. You could stand in my shoes for hours, and not get bored...

So, I hope the Tokyo posts are still holding your interest...!