Together Alone

[Dis] connected individuals, Together Alone

I'm guilty of it as much as the next, next, next person... but the fact that I even notice the above scene as being indicative of our times, sets me apart in some way. At least, that's my opinion. 

I come from a very small village in rural England, and in many ways, Tokyo is the exact opposite of what I grew up around. Back home, almost everything is at ground level - shops, roads, trains... but Tokyo is multilayered. When I was growing up, no-one had a mobile phone. In Tokyo, more than half of the people I see have two phones in use at once - usually due to better deals for new customers than existing ones. Over 100 people were waiting for this train, and I'd wager more than 90 of them were looking at their phone screens. Perhaps interacting with someone not present, via a social network.

It's no wonder Governments over the world (I'm looking at you, Air Strip One) are harvesting internet data from the general public, being as we apparently cannot live without it.