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Mile High Club - Pt 1

A road less travelled | RX100 | 1/200s f/4.9 ISO100 37.1mm

Last week I was fortunate to attend a meeting in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder's at around 5430ft—or just over one mile in elevation. That means the air is thin, which is fine, if you're cruising around in your hire car. Putting on full hiking gear, is another thing indeed.

I'd been here once before, in 2009, and really enjoyed my visit. The repeat did not disappoint—save for the weather on my day off before flying home. We woke up early, drove to about 10,000 ft ABSL, headed for Pawnee Peak, and were at 11,000 ft by around 12 pm. 

森 | RX100 | 1/250s f/6.3 ISO100 37.1mm

With the RX100 in my pocket, A7R and lenses, and of course the RX1, I skated across the ice.

Frozen | RX!00 | 1/80s f/6.3 ISO100 27.54mm

I wanted the below position, in order to frame this view of the Rockies.

A cold lake | RX100 | 1/250s f/6.3 ISO100

After wading through 3ft-deep snow for about 4 hours, we decided to call it a day, and turn around. The weather hadn't been on our side, and we didn't think it would be changing any time soon.

We were wrong.

Cyan Skies | A7R & SEL55F18Z | 1/500s f/5.0 ISO400 55mm 

...to be continued