Mile High Club - Pt 2

Persistent cloud | RX1 | 1/400s f/5.6 ISO100 35mm

I left you last time, with the clouds shown above being blown away, producing the most glorious cyan skies I may have ever seen. Unfortunately, we had already started our decent by the time the sky made its presence felt.

Where did the clouds go? | RX1 | 1/640s f/5.6 ISO100 35mm 

River | RX1 | 1/200s f/5.6 ISO100 35mm

We took a moment to stop walking and catch our breath—no mean feat at 11,000 feet! The air was still, and there was no noise at all. Then, the familiar sound of woodpeckers filled the air. One even came over to see what all the bright clothing was in aid of.

Woodpecker | A7R & SEL55F18Z | 1/500s f/1.8 ISO100 55mm 

I was thankful for autofocus when taking this shot, as at the time of shooting, my left leg was submerged in snow up to the knee, and I was busy using my other hand to stabilise myself.

Maximising Surface Area | A7R & Tamron 72B Macro 90mm f2.8 | 1/250s f/2.8 ISO8000 90mm

We made our way back to the car, and decided to drive to Boulder National Park for Sunset.

More Mountain Roads | RX100 | 1/200s f/6.3 ISO100 10.4mm (35mm eq:28mm) 

Driving down to 5000 ft, back up to 7000 ft, we were confronted with a fantastic view of where we'd spent the best part of the day.

A view which left me both figuratively, and literally, breathless.

Don't look down | RX1 | 1/100s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm