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This Moka Express was a great Christmas gift - you know who you are! It makes a very strong coffee in just minutes and is ideal for my coffee-drinking habits. I don't use this in the morning, though I'd like to. Mornings usually involve rolling out of bed at 6:30 , downing a pint of water, hopping into the shower, getting dressed, and then jumping into the car and driving to work at about 7:00. I have breakfast at work—often microwaved scrambled eggs (better than it sounds), and I have another coffee maker there, which I used to make some pretty strong and tasty coffee.

Moka Express

A little animation of how the Moka Express works is on the right. 

The bottom chamber contains water. When heated, steam pressure pushes the water through a basket containing ground coffee into the collecting chamber.

Once brewed, pour and enjoy :)

I'd like to take more time, to wake up leisurely, to saunter out of the house at about say 8:30 after some breakfast, perhaps with a newspaper... but I am living in the wrong place in the wrong decade.