Oxford // Road Trip

Packing up for the trip

Week off, time to hit the road! You'd have thought that maybe a week off in August would be ideal for some summer sun, especially whilst southern Europe is experiencing a heatwave. Think again. This is England. This is the country of rain. Consider wellies.

So, for the first two days, my camera remained in its bag. I simply couldn't bring myself to take the camera with me in the dreary rain. It's not like a neon metropolis... when it's raining in England there's just lots of grey and I can't really be bothered taking photos. There's nothing that captures my imagination. Everything looks pretty awful, pretty familiar. 

The sun picked up in the morning, so set off early, camera in hand.

Oxford is a little bit like Cambridge. Cambridge is a little bit like Oxford. They're both similar. They're both different.

They both have gardens comprising eye-pleasing flora.

On a completely unrelated note, but it's my blog, so why the hell not, 80s music is possibly the pinnacle of music. At least in pop—it's a little bit different with rock, as there's the whole glam scene and basically pop-rock. With out-and-out pop, the 80s nailed it. There is a plethora of accessible music, no matter one's tastes, from the 80s. More to the point, most of the lyrics aren't the utter garbage in pop these days. I quite like pop as a genre, just not the utter tripe on the radio most of the time.

Oxford, like Cambridge, is littered with lovely old buildings. And Chinese tourists. For every old building, there are 500 Chinese tourists. I think it's a rule or something.

Great Michael Jackson impression going on there. By two people.

I'd recommend going to Oxford. Probably on a weekday—I imagine weekends are like Cambridge, and are fine if you like playing sardines.